HL Stealth

HL Stealth

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All new from HL! The Stealth features braided carbon fiber for strength and stiffness. The stealth also takes the Venom Tech grip (a double layer grip - sweat goes to the second layer keeping your hand dry) from the Venom Series. The racket head is aerodynamic with the strength to take high string tensions. 


The Stealth is a top-quality professional level racket and an all around performer. Even balanced and light wieght.  


The stealth come is two shaft types Stiff and Extra - Stiff. Choose Stiff for more power, and Extra Stiff for more control 

  • Product Info

    3U: (85-89 grams)

    Even Balance

    Aerodynamic Frame

    Woven Carbon Fiber


    Full Case Cover 

    Stiff or Extra Stiff Shaft

    Warrantied to 28lbs string tension 

  • Returns and Warranty

    Refunds will be accepted if product is returned with wrapper in-tact within 60 days after receiving your racket. You are responsible for paying return shipping. 


    HL rackets have a 6 month warranty against manufacturer deffects. The racket must be shipped to HL Corporation at owner's expese for inspection. Note that the racket will not be covered under warranty if it shows signs of damage that occured during play such as: chips, cracks, dents, etc. Stringing the racket beyond warrantied tension will also void the warranty. If product is out of stock , it may be replaced by model of same cost.