Pro's Pro Supreme 100

Pro's Pro Supreme 100

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$36.75Sale Price

The Pro's Pro Supreme 100 is an all carbon fiber racket super light racket. Featuring a more advanced "hexagonal" frame shape than other Pro's Pro models, the frame of the racket head tapers to a point while also maintaining durability. This is a fast and balanced racket. 


    4U (80 - 84 grams)

    Carbon fiber

    Even balance

    Flexible shaft

    3/4 case cover

    Warrantied to 24lbs string tension


    Refunds will be accepted if product is returned with wrapper in-tact within 60 days after receiving your racket. You are responsible for paying return shipping. 



    6 month warranty against manufacturer deffects. Note that the racket will not be covered under warranty if it shows signs of damage that occured during play such as: chips, cracks, dents, etc. Stringing the racket beyond warrantied tension will also void the warranty. If product is out of stock , it may be replaced by model of same cost.